Dr. Liska-Mohai Marianna

Dr. Liska-Mohai Marianna takes a holistic approach to treating her patients. She is an internist and clinical oncologist with naturopathic qualifications as acupuncturist and manual therapist.
After graduation in 1988 she worked in hospital till 2009.
She first met the AtlasPROfilax method while seeking relief from her own health problems resulting from an accident. Her excellent experience with this treatment led her to study to became an AtlasPROfilax therapist and manualtherapist.
Combining these methods, excellent and long-lasting results can be achieved in the case of serious body posture disorders and scoliosis as well.
She is working with this method successfully for several years and has many good experiences and positive feedbacks from the patients.

How a misaligned Atlas causes chronic ailments?

The first cervical vertebra, known as the “Atlas,” plays a surprisingly fundamental role in the operation of your motion system. If the Atlas vertebra moves out from its correct anatomic position, it can produce a “domino effect” on your entire musculoskeletal, circulatory and nervous systems, creating imbalances and several kind of problems in various parts of your body. The negative effects may manifest throughout your body.
These malfunctions may turn into serious health problems of seemingly unknown origin that can adversely affect the quality of your life.
The misalignment of the Atlas causes the spine to compensate for the incorrect position of the Atlas with a rotation down to the sacroiliac joint at the top of the pelvis. This rotation can create constant pressure on the spinal cord, the cerebral nerves and all the other nerve tracts radiating from the spine.

This constant pressure can cause dysfunctions of your organs due to their connection to the vertebrae. Atlas is the gate through which cerebral nerves, arteries and veins, and the spinal cord emerge from the foramen magnum at the base of your skull. Thus, a misaligned Atlas can disturb the flow of neurons, blood or spinal fluid and restricts the flow between your head and the rest of your body. This interference can profoundly affect your psychological and emotional state.
Whiplash trauma, recurring migraine, headaches and other chronic complaints following accidents can often result from displacement of the Atlas vertebra. Correction of this displacement can alleviate these chronic conditions and offers a real, long lasting solution without being forced to take medicines and taking the risks of the side effects. This way several kind of health problems can be solved by abolishing the main cause of them.


Chronic Ailments

Correction of a displaced Atlas vertebra can rebalance the musculoskeletal, circulatory and nervous system of your body. It can alleviate problems in connection with your musculoskeletal system like:

neck-, back- and joint pains,
limited joint movements,
stiffness of muscles,
spinal hernia
pelvic obliquity,
hyperlordosis/hollow back,
hyphosis, idiopathic / functional scoliosis and hypolordosis, or
postural defects such as functional short leg.

The Atlas correction can address problems of your circulatory and nervous systems such as:

visual impairment,
blood pressure problems,
tinnitus, or
numbness of joints.
Clearly, correcting a misaligned Atlas, is a preventive and excellent “investment” in your future health. It offers the chance to develop physically, mentally and spiritually. Making such an investment in your children has even greater returns, for it can profoundly enhance their physical and emotional development, and free them to achieve their full potential. It can be especially important in the case of exhaustible or knock-kneed chlidren or children with flat foot.
In the case of athletes the treatment is also highly recommended since they are continuously under some physical pressure.


The AtlasPROfilax method was developed by René-Claudius Schümperli in Switzerland. It is a natural and a holistic method that carries no risks. 

Basically it aims to release existing tensions of the short neck muscles by a special equipment. This massage allows the Atlas to return into its original position.
As the Atlas vertebra determines the position of the whole spine, by the correction the optimal balance can be reached. It offers the chance to complete physical, spiritual and mental development and the possibility to walk upright and be healthy.
The treatment is painless, does not carry sudden maniputative movements. The method can be applied on patients of any ages.
After the AtlasPROfilax treatment, the self-healing process can be supported effectively by manualtherapy and physiotherapy.

For further information visit the website of The International Association of Qualified Atlasprofs®: www.atlasprofilax.ch



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